Creativity is a focus with our apps this week. You may choose to draw a crazy dinosaur car with Labo Car Designer, or craft your mode of transport from things in your recycling bin patterned from Duckie Deck Trash Toys. Finish up your fun with an imaginative story illustrated with Junior Storyteller.

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Good luck! Contest will close Monday, May 26, 2014!

Disclosure: I have not personally tried these apps. The descriptions come from the developers with some minor editing (and perhaps commentary) by myself. Alternative prizes may be awarded at our discretion.

Labo Car Designer: All children have the same dream: build and driving their own cars. Labo Car Designer can make this dream come true. Labo Car Designer is a creativity app for children ages 4-8. This app allows children to  esign(draw, customize and decorate) their own vehicles.

– Features:
1. Free to draw vehicles;
2. Or follow tutorials to draw;
3. 2 brushes, 16 colors, 28 creativity and interesting tutorial vehicles;
4. 24 exquisite tires, the size and spacing can be customized;
5. 23 beautiful stickers and lights;
6. Save vehicles to garage, unlimited;
7. 12 fun-filled physical road to explore, 4 weather modes, free to switch;
8. 5 natural and sweet background music

Requirements:  Requires iOS 5.1 or later. Compatible with iPad. Price: $2.99 ~ SeeLabo Car Designer in the App Store

** Enter to win 1 of  5 iTunes promo codes in the Rafflecopter below!**

Junior Storytellers School Edition: Be sure to watch for a detailed review on the site this week.

 It’s story time! Create…Animate…Share! Junior Storytellers is a storytelling app that lets kids animate and share their own stories with friends, family and other storytellers all over the world. Set up the scene, tap the record button, move your characters and props around and tell your story in your own words!

Designed to complement both the kindergarten and primary school curriculum, Junior Storytellers aims to both entertain and improve language skills. Structured around classic storytelling elements including the ‘hero’, wants, obstacles, secondary characters, travel and conclusions, the app contains different challenges to suit all developmental levels. The app was made with direct input from teachers, parents and education specialists.
Check out Junior Storytellers: School Edition if you want to use it in your classroom or want to make sure there aren’t any in-app purchases. It contains all 8 original Story Packs unlocked and schools can purchase at a 50% discount using Apple’s Volume Purchase Program. The Story Packs available include Jungle Adventure, Space Odyssey, Pirate Treasures, Chinese New Year, Fairytale Fantasy, Australian Outback Adventure, Monster Mayhem, and Beach Day.

Requirements:  Requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPad. Price: $3.99 ~ See Junor Storytellers School Edition in the App Store

** Enter to win 1 of 4 iTunes promo codes in the Rafflecopter below!**

Duckie Deck Trash Toys: It’s time to go green! Harness the potential of trash by using tossed-aside tidbits to produce creative toys. Trash Toys is a fun way to teach kids about upcycling, recycling, restoring and reusing materials that they find all around them. You’ll be astonished by all the possibilities that are hidden in things that we normally label as “trash” or “junk”.

Trash Toys presents a workshop where a variety of odds and ends can be assembled to make a brand new toy. Spray-paint cans let you customize your toy’s base, while drawers full of knick-knacks provide materials for adding eyes, limbs, hair and more. When you’re satisfied with your work, take a photo to commemorate your own unique creation.

Our goal is for kids to have fun while learning and developing their motor skills and coordination. Most importantly, this application is designed to be completely safe and to protect kids, therefore it has no additional payments or advertising.

Requirements:  Price: $2.99 ~ See Duckie Deck Trash Toys in the App Store

** Enter to win 1 of  5 iTunes promo codes in the Rafflecopter below!**
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a Rafflecopter giveaway

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