Duck Duck Moose (I just love saying that name!) has developed a great follow-up to the Princess Fairy Tale Maker that we reviewed in June.  My first impression of Monsters vs Superheroes Comic Book Maker was that it would be the boy’s answer to Princess Fairy Tale Maker.  Wow, was I wrong!  My girls love creating their own stories on Monsters vs Superheroes, though I have yet to see them use the stadium scene!

The setup of both apps is very similar:  Monsters vs Superheroes has a “comic maker” mode and a “coloring mode”.  It also has a “my comics” mode which is so much more than just a library of your pictures.

I’ll quickly summarize comic maker mode and coloring mode so I can get to my favorite part – my comics!  This will be familiar to anyone who has used Princess Fairy Tale Maker:


In “Comic Maker”, children will select an animated background scene and then create their own story. There are 27 background scenes to choose from, one blank background, and one option to choose a picture on your device to use (make your child into a superhero!) and more than 170 animated stickers with sound effects. Children will find superheroes and monsters, of course, but also masks, hats, lightning bolt and superheroes weapons, potions, shields, animals, sports equipment, trucks, cars, letters and more. The stickers can be arranged around the scene and resized to fit the picture just right. In addition to the stickers there are 29 crayons and colored pencils to be used for coloring. Tapping and holding a character will make it talk.


Now, for the part that sets Duck Duck Moose’s apps above other sticker apps – once your child has finished created their scene, he can animate it and bring it to life!  By pressing the record button on the top bar, the app records both the actions on the screen as the user moves the characters around, as well as the audio the user speaks. If your child taps the sticker’s mouths, the mouths will also move while he records voices for the story.  Looking back through our collection, we have a monster protecting his lollipop by flying up a tree, a dragon being banished by a super girl, and a monster in a volcano.  The only thing I see missing is the ability to lock an accessory onto a character so they move together (i.e., if you put a face-mask on a super hero and move the superhero during your recorded scene, the mask stays in its original place instead of moving along).  I’m sure the amazing team at Duck Duck Moose can come up with a solution!


Let’s not forget about the awesome “coloring” mode which presents 28 coloring pages, from monsters celebrating a birthday to a superhero flying in the sky. In addition to 30 solid colors and a rainbow color to choose from, there are 51 patterns, and the ability to use all the stickers on the coloring pages as well.  I challenge any user to create the same exact picture twice! Did I mention the music that plays along with the app?  Classic instrumental pieces like “take me out to the ballgame” and “I’ve been working on the railroad”.


On to the last part of the app – “my comics”.  In most coloring apps, this would simply be a library to store your finished projects.  In Monsters vs Superheroes, this is where the comic books come to life.  Remember those recorded scenes?  In “my comics”, you can group any scenes together by simply dragging one on top of another scene.  When you tap on the first in any group and press play, it will play through the first picture and immediately proceed to any other picture in the group – in effect creating your very own comic book!  Older children in particular will love the ability to create multiple scenes in the same story.


Monsters Vs Superheroes is one of the most interactive coloring and sticker apps (along with Princess Fairy Tale Maker!) that I have come across.  All ages can enjoy — preschoolers can enjoy placing character stickers and coloring, while older children will love using the comic maker to illustrate, narrate and animate their very own comic strip.

Price: $2.99

See the app in iTunes

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later.

Seller: Duck Duck Moose


Disclosure: I received a free copy of this app for review purposes.

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