I’ve mentioned Monte-Lingual (1 to 10) on the site in the past but today I’m doing a full review of the iPad app. Monte-Lingual (1 to 10) is a counting app based on Montessori teaching methods. It’s been developed for preschoolers and kindergarteners but I could see toddlers using it as well. There are three modes to the app, let’s take a look at each one.

Discovery Mode – Discovery Mode introduces the most basic concept of counting. Your child drags a marble out of a tray and onto an empty canvas. The app speaks the number, shows it written at the bottom of the screen and moves the marble to another tray. When your child drags the next marble onto the canvas the app speaks the next number and so on. This is a great mode for young players but older ones can drag more than one marble onto the canvas and practice skip counting.

Match Mode – In Match Mode your child is given a number and asked to put that many marbles into the top tray. They will need to move the marbles from the side tray, onto the canvas and then into the empty top tray. The app will help them by speaking and counting the marbles as they go. More advanced counters can skip the canvas step and move the marbles directly from the side tray to the top one.

Quiz Mode – Quiz Mode is best for older children, those who are very familiar with counting and their numbers. Here the app will ask your child how many marbles are in the top tray. They must then match the number of marbles with a written number. When they have gotten a certain number of questions right they’ll unlock a new marble set. The marble styles include beach ball, water drop and soccer ball.

In addition to the learning modes Monte-Lingual has some neat extras . If you’d like to adapt the app to the needs of your child you’ll have the ability to turn of the speaking and spelling of the numbers. The app comes with four different languages – French, Spanish, English and Chinese – and your child can learn how to speak and write the numbers in that language. Finally, Monte-Lingual has soothing, classical music that plays in the background but if your child prefers something different you can create a unique playlist from music on your iPad. It’s a nice touch.

I’m not a Montessori expert so I don’t think I can offer a qualified opinion on how closely true Monte-Lingual sticks to the methods. What I can tell you is this is an intuitive app that’s easy for children to pick up and use from the get go. I like how the different modes build upon each other, beginning with the simplest of counting all the way up to matching numbers with marble quantities. There is some terrific educational value to be had in Monte-Lingual (1 to10).

On a side note, Monte-Lingual was recently featured on Geekdad.com in an article that discussed Montessori apps. It’s an interesting read that can be found by following this link.

Monte-Lingual (1 to 10) is also available in a Lite version. This is an iPad only app. I have four promo codes to give away for Monte-Lingual. If you own an iPad and you’re interested in trying the app leave me a comment. I’ll randomly select a winner on Wednesday evening.

Price when Reviewed: $1.99

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Seller: Continuous Integration, Inc.

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this app for review purposes.

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