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Any parent will tell you that there are few things more exciting and gratifying than seeing your child read their first words. Watching my kids go from learning letter sounds to finally struggling through and reading their first word all by themselves has been one of my proudest “Mom Moments”. I have one more child to get to that point, and having tools like the Montessori Early Reading app will help that moment come very soon. This app offers four different activities to help your child make that reading breakthrough.

This app was designed by teachers to help children develop the skills necessary to become independent readers. The games start by asking children to sound out the sounds of simple three letter words and then matching the word to a picture on the screen. The next activity takes it a step further by having the child read the word and then drag the word to its corresponding picture. Next, children are asked to find the picture whose name starts with the same two letters as a word that appears on the bottom of the screen. Finally, the children must find the picture that rhymes with the word on the bottom of the screen. All four activities build on each other and all four activities will help your child become a better and more independent reader. This app also comes with an added bonus. A printable guide for parents gives them the tools they need for a more manipulative approach to reading.

Montessori Early Reading is a perfect tool to get as the school year begins. It is a wonderful way to reinforce at home, what is taught in school. This app would also be a great way to be proactive in your child’s education and give them a head start in reading. The app is easy to use and one that children could use independently. The activities are fairly repetitive and could get a little old after a few rounds, but plenty of positive reinforcement is offered and that seems to be enough to keep kids motivated and coming back for more. Montessori Early Reading is a quality app that is a valuable tool in your child’s education.

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