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Teaching kids how to organize and put away their things is an age-old struggle. I know I grow tired of telling my kids every day to not only put their things away, but to put them in the right places. Mouse Tales is a new app that helps teach preschool aged kids all about picking up and organizing things around the house.

Mouse lives in a huge tree house with 8 different rooms. Your child will learn how to clean up their space by helping Mouse clean his. Each room has a different task to complete that requires them to tap and drag different items to the appropriate spot. In some of the rooms, the spots are indicated by a shadow in the spot that is the same shape as the object. Some of the tasks simply require the player to locate the items and place them in a container. Whatever the game, they are easy enough for your young children to do independently; having fun while learning how to clean.

I thought this app was cute and practical to use as a teaching tool. It is definitely an app for younger children as it offers very little in the way of a challenge for older children. The illustrations are colorful and appealing to young children. I did feel like the narration sounded a little strange, glitchy and was slightly difficult to understand at times. This app is a Free initial download that comes with 3 rooms to play in. You can unlock the other 5 rooms for an additional $1.99 in app. Overall, I would say that this is a good free app and should provide some entertainment and hopefully a bit of a cleaning teaching opportunity for young children and toddlers.

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Monica is a mother of four incredibly bright, talented and energetic children. She has a bachelors degree in Child Development and nearly 11 years of experience as a mom to help her find and recommend great apps for your family. When she isn’t caring for her family or researching and reviewing apps, you can find her volunteering at the elementary school, torturing herself at the gym, or hiding out with her nose in a good book.

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