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Brought to you by the creators of Waterford Early Learning Curriculum, the MyBackpack app is a compilation of free songs, books and math games that are used alongside Waterford’s adaptive learning software in the classroom or at home!  The Waterford Institute is a nonprofit research center that aims to inspire a great start for every child.  I think that this app has a lot to offer, and is a great resource, especially for free!

MyBackpack offers a variety of educational activities for children who are in preschool through second grade.  I love the assortment of activities, there is everything from math to music to nursery-rhymes.  There are 4 Mental Math games included: 1) Balloon Race, 2) Rock Climb, 3) Let’s Build, and 4) Frustration!  All of the Mental Math games feature interactive elements and 3D animation, and they allow children to learn and grow with 25 progressive levels (addition and subtraction games).  The app also features 16 Traditional Tales books which allow children to read at their own pace with 3 modes: read on their own, narration, or watch the story like a movie.  If you have a child that loves music, be sure to check out the 35 songs that the app has to offer – all the catchy, original songs help to illustrate reading, math and science concepts in a fun way that kids can connect with and remember.  My son absolutely loves all the songs, the music was his favorite part of the app for sure!  Lastly, there are 5 Nursery Rhyme Read-Alongs which are great for little ones and pre-readers.  The Nursery Rhyme Read-Alongs encourage children to explore in a board-book format with interactive features.


I really enjoyed the MyBackpack app.  One of my favorite aspects of the app is how many different types of activities are available – and all for free!  I would definitely recommend this app to the parents of preschoolers and those are just beginning school!

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