Are you looking for an app that’s just the right speed for your little pilot to take flight into the app world? Then set your destination for My First App – Vol 3 Airplanes!

Since their start in 2011 with My First App, the Appp Media team has looked for ways to encourage younger audiences with activities that they’ll enjoy, yet won’t require a lot of explanation or overwhelm them with details. I was happy to see they maintained their whimsical artwork with a cast of animal characters which are perfectly suited to a younger audience and all of the games are geared for self guided exploration. Vol 3. Airplanes has moved the location to the airport and all the activities are based around things you’d find there. Images include baggage check, shuttle, tow truck and even the cockpit. It also has an additional spot the difference game, bringing the total to four games.

Puzzles: Choose 2,4,6,or 9 pieces and select a picture.  The image will break apart for your little one to put back together.

Split Image: The screen is split in half, allowing you to scroll until both parts match up and your picture is complete.

Marble Roll: Each picture has three holes to roll a shiny marble into. This one may be a little tricky for toddlers but older children will enjoy it.

Spot the Difference: There are four differences in each frame. Some you’ll see right away, others may take a bit of looking.  Its great for building observation skills.

Besides the new game the developers added another kid friendly feature, “Now you can put one hand on the screen and still move all objects (our programmers daughter just turned 2 and did a great job testing!)”. I really liked this app.  We see a lot of apps here geared for Pre K but this one looks to be just the ticket for introducing littler ones to your iDevice.

I received a free copy of this app for review purposes.


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