Fancy a lesson in history and science while you play a fast paced finger tapping game? Check out NewtonApples. As in Sir Isaac Newton, he who discovered the laws of motion and gravity and has a history intertwined with the apple tree. In NewtonApples Sir Newton sits underneath the apple tree, thinking scientific thoughts while apples begin to fall down around him. Your job is to tap, slice and flick those apples so they don’t hit him. Doing this earns you points and keeps you going in the game. If you fail and Sir Newton is hit you must begin again.

NewtonApples can be played in Adventure or Endless mode. The Adventure mode has three different sections and they’re referred to as “laws” – first law, second law, etc. Each has a number of different levels, bringing you to a total of twenty-seven with more to come in future updates. The game can be played in either easy or hard mode. Each level has a moving background and the graphics have a quirky look to them that I quite enjoyed. Endless Mode goes on and on as you try to keep the game going and earn points. Finally, there are two mini-games that may be unlocked for extra fun.

I found NewtonApples to be an simple, fast paced game with a smart concept and slick graphics. I really liked how the developers have woven education into the gameplay. In addition to Newton’s scientific thoughts, interesting facts about his life will also pop up on the screen as you play. While your fingers are tapping your mind is learning. Well done!

Try NewtonApples for free with NewtonApples Lite.

Price when Reviewed: $1.99

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Seller: edenpod

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this app for review purposes.

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