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Often the most exhausting part about being the parent of a toddler or preschooler is keeping them busy for any prolonged period of time. Their energy level and short attention spans keep them jumping from one activity to the next and moms and dads have to be on the ball to keep up with their changing demands. Nursery Games – Fun for Toddlers is the perfect app for parents of toddlers and preschoolers. This app is filled to the brim with educational and fun activities that will entertain your child for hours!

This app comes with 15 activties that are designed to help improve and develop skills that are necessary for success in school. However, these games are so fun that your child won’t have any clue that they are learning; only that they are having fun! The matching game helps develop memory and recall skills. The dot to dot game teaches numbers and hand eye coordination. There is a fun food game where children must duplicate a meal and put the hamburger ingredients in the correct order on the plate. There are games that require children to match the animal sound with the animal that makes it or feed the correct foods to the animals that would eat it. There are tanagram-like shape games, shadow matching games, and bubble popping games. One of the greatest things about this app besides the variety is the fact that children can jump from game to game whenever they please. If they get bored of one, they can move on to another. This feature is ideal for young children with short attention spans. Plus, after each task is completed, there is plenty of verbal positive reinforcment given which helps children develop a high self-esteem and independence.

Nursery Games – Fun for Toddlers is an outstanding app that your children will love. This app is perfectly in line with the needs and interests of its target audience. The graphics are bold, bright and colorful. The games are educational and challenging while maintaining the entertainment factor to hold a child’s interest. There is such a wide variety of activities that vary in difficulty so that children of all developmental levels will enjoy playing. It is easy to use and navigate so that even very young children can play independently. There are also no in-app purchases or third party ads to worry about so that you can rest assured that your child can play safely. This app is definitely one of the best apps I have ever reviewed and I would highly recommend it for any family with young children.

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