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With the abundance of apps currently on the market, it can be hard to find a perfect fit for little ones—apps geared toward younger children that are simple enough for them to play, entertaining, educational, and even soothing! Peekaboo Planet is just that. The creators of this app have done a fantastic job at creating an app that both mom, and tot, will be happy and excited about!

The best part about this app? Simplicity. It’s a simple concept that children can catch on to, even at a very young age. The user explores a beautifully and fantastically illustrated “world”, or planet, with interactive animals and landscape throughout. This interactive planet includes sky, mountains, forest, hills, ocean, and a waterfall. Each area is filled with fun animals, or objects, that make noise, perform a trick, or do something silly that is sure to result in a lot of giggles! The app is designed with never-ending scrolling, so no matter where you or your little one swipes, there is always part of Peekaboo Planet on the screen for them to play and interact with. Your child can use multiple fingers, not just one, when touching the screen, so it’s perfect for those smaller, clumsier hands. Although there is just one “world”, or area, involved in this app, there are so many things to touch and see! After my son and I had pressed and scrolled and pressed some more, I kept thinking we had seen it all—only to stumble across a few new things each time! Another favorite feature of mine is the calm, soothing background music. So refreshing!

Although this game is very simple, which I love, it does not lack in providing entertainment! This app is geared towards children ages 5 and younger, which I would say is pretty accurate. At first glance, I was skeptical my 4 year old would be entertained by it for very long, so I was surprised when he begged to play it longer after he had already played it with me, and by himself, for a good chunk of time. I loved that I didn’t feel guilty about letting him play it longer, either! It is not overly stimulating or busy, it provides educational opportunities with the animals and their surroundings, and it’s not obnoxious and noisy for mom! Everyone wins with Peekaboo Planet!

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