Penelope the Purple Pirate is a charming storybook app that centers around a young girl and her imaginary (or are they?) adventures as a pirate. The story is well told and follows Penelope and her ocean friends on an adventure. Daphne the Dolphin, Teddy the Turtle and Oliver the Octopus come along to help and encourage Penelope in her search for treasure.

Penelope can be read independently or as a read along with narration. The girl who narrates the story does a wonderful job capturing Penelope’s spirit and bringing the story to life. Some of the story’s illustrations have simple animations and others have ocean sound effects. The story is a good length, I didn’t feel shortchanged one bit on the app’s content. My only suggestions for this app would be to add an auto-play version where the pages turn automatically and the ability to bookmark your spot if you have to exit the app before the story is over.

I almost forgot to mention the extra features at the end of the story. When you are finished finished you’ll find a Parent/Teacher guide with discussion questions to accompany Penelope’s story. There are also ideas for incorporating the story into the classroom or home. Finally, you’ll be able to read fun facts about octopuses, sea turtles and dolphins. These are all nice touches that bring depth to the app.

I enjoyed reading about Penelope’s pirate adventure. She’s a fun protagonist and it was nice to see a girl character having such a positive adventure. I’m hopeful she’ll be back with more purpley tales soon.

Penelope the Purple Pirate is available for the iPhone/iPod Touch. For the iPad the app’s title is Penelope HD.

Price when Reviewed: $1.99 for iPhone/iPod Touch and $2.99 for iPad

See the iPhone/iPod Touch and the iPad apps in iTunes

Seller: PicPocket Books

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this app for review purposes.

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