Peppa Pig Twofer Review: Peppa's Activity Maker and Peppa's Paintbox
Ease of Use
  • Popular Characters
  • Child involving activities
  • Fun virtual painting
  • Activities long initial load time
  • Paint activities sometimes stick
4.6Overall Score
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Is Peppa Pig a familiar name in your household? If it is then you will be excited for today’s twofer review.

Peppa’s Activity Maker

Peppa and her brother George are looking for something to do. Something that will get them moving and creating and they have 32 of their best activity ideas to share with your family. Select your project by scrolling through their full menu or playing with the activity “generator”. These are ideas for you to do at home and most of them use things that you would already have handy.

The activity my girls thought was the cutest was making Dine-saw Eggs, which lucky for me happens to be their display image. My older daughter thought it would be a super thing to do with the two boys she tends after school. She liked the step-by-step instructions and knew the boys would like the idea of taking pictures of their project to share with their parents.

The complaint I noticed on the app page was the long load time. It honestly took about 10 minutes to load, but only the first time I entered the app. (If you don’t finish the entire download it will start over the next time you access it. The app needs to actually download the activity information to your device.) The next time you enter the app it should load with normal speed.

Peppa’s Paintbox

Peppa’s Paintbox is a treat for Peppa fans that like to color and make pictures. Start with a blank canvas or select character pages to color or enhance existing backgrounds, the choice is yours. The paint box it loaded with colors, brushes, character and prop stickers and animated stickers too. Finished masterpieces are displayed on the walls of Peppa’s school.

Working the app is simple. After selecting a painting buddy, Peppa or George, get right into the creative groove. Everything you need is located on a scrolling side bar next to your project, tap on the tab to open the various trays. The animated stickers will crack up little ones with squashy mud puddles and popping bubbles. The paint process did stick a few times especially when using the rainbow brush.

One of the best parts about these apps is the price, FREE! For all the Peppa fans out there they’re definitely ones to pick up.

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