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Fans of Peppa Pig will go crazy for the Peppa Pig’s Golden Boots app! Inspired by a recent episode by the same name, this app takes the TV show to a whole new interactive level as your children can help Peppa find her beloved Golden Boots! With fun activities and the lovable Peppa and her friends, this app is sure to please and entertain your children!

Oh no! Peppa has lost her lovely golden boots! Now you must help her find her golden boots and have a whole lot of fun along the way! Each activity gives the child opportunities to spot golden boots, tap on them and collect them for Peppa! When they successfully find boots, they can earn prizes and collect them in their toy box. Games and activities include a fun dress up game where children can choose and design a new outfit for Peppa. They can also splash in the mud and uncover various objects hidden in the mud. Blast off into outer space and guide Peppa’s rocket through the galaxy while avoiding the planets to earn more prizes. Children can even create funny food concoctions and feed the ducks! Top off your play with some fun sing along songs with Peppa and her friends!

It is pretty near impossible to not love Peppa Pig and this app is no exception. The games are very enjoyable for preschoolers and toddlers alike. There are a wide variety of activities that will appeal to any child and keep them entertained happily for hours. Peppa and her friends make any activity more enjoyable as well! This app is filled with fun and I would highly recommend it for any family with a Peppa Pig fan!

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