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An unlikely duo must work together to solve a problem in the new interactive storybook Peppy Pals: Sammy Helps Out. Sammy the Horse and Reggie the Dog teach children the value of friendship and how to depend on your friends to get you through tough situations. This delightful tale is a wonderful way to introduce children to the social skills they will need as they mature and develop friendships of their own.

One day as Sammy and Reggie are out on a walk they come to a stream that they must cross to continue on their way. Sammy is a horse and can easily jump across the stream. Reggie, on the other hand, is smaller and much more frightened to cross. His little legs cannot carry him across the stream like Sammy’s can and he doesn’t know what to do. Sammy offers words of encouragement to Reggie and tries to coax him across. Reggie finally gets up the courage to jump only to fall short and land in the water just as he feared he would. Even though Sammy thinks it’s a little funny that Reggie has fallen in the water, he doesn’t laugh but offers Reggie his tale to hang onto instead and pulls him up out of the water.

I really love the message that this story communicates. How to be a good friend is such an essential skill that kids need to learn and what better way than through an animated eBook? Another feature of this book that I loved were the conversation prompting questions that parents can use to initiate meaningful discussions with their children. These questions can be found under the numbered tabs that appear at the top of the screen. One thing that I didn’t like about this story is that there are several misspelled words in the text of the story. I believe that this may be a result of poor translation from Swedish to English, however, I still felt it was important to mention. One other thing I felt this app was lacking was interactive elements or mini-games in the story to help reinforce the concepts or keep the child engaged as they read.

Overall, I would say that this is a good story that falls a little short in execution. This good story would be made much better with interactive pages and animation and a bit more proof reading to check for errors. However, if you are looking for a cute story and a fun way to teach children the concept of friendship, check out Peppy Pals: Sammy Helps Out and see what you think!

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