I am really liking this brand new app from JoyTunes, the developers of RecorderMaster! It is called Piano Dust Buster and here they have tackled piano practice, making it fun. Really fun! The great thing about the JoyTunes apps is that you can play by tapping on the screen or you can use your actual instrument, giving real practice.

In Piano Dust Buster you can play the notes using an onscreen piano keyboard or you can play with your own piano.There are two different games, Germ Attack and Staff Master. In Germ Attack players play a note as it reaches a rhythm line. The note comes down over the key on the onscreen keyboard making it easy to see what to play. The tricky part becomes getting the rhythm correct. Points are earned and the game tracks high scores and integrates with Game Center. There’s motivation here for the kids who like to play gaming apps. Children can practice their songs and then take them on in a performance. In performance mode they’ll be accompanied by concert music and it makes Mary’s Little Lamb and Jingle Bells all the more entertaining and fun to play. So how does the Dust Buster come into play? On screen players see the notes as germs and there is a granny with a dust buster. When players play the correct note granny hits it with her dust buster. As they are playing the song she is cleaning up the germs.

The second game is Staff Master and this one looks slightly different. Players still tap the germ notes as they hit the rhythm line but now the screen looks like sheet music. The notes no longer come down from the top of the screen above the keyboard. This game is for more advanced musicians and requires that they know where the notes are on the keyboard. Again, players can play by tapping on screen or playing a piano and granny is here cleaning things up with her Dust Buster. Each song has a practice and performance option.

The ability to use a real piano plus the fun concept and gaming twist to the practice combine to make this a great app. The app is free and currently has 23 songs of varying difficulty. If you have a young piano player at home and an iPad then you definitely must try out Piano Dust Buster. There’s lots of fun to be had here.

*Update 7/8/12 – Dust Buster is now a Universal app and is now also available for the iPod and iPhone. This is great news  because now this terrific app is available for more music lovers!

Price when Reviewed: Free

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Seller: JoyTunes

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