PianoBall will turn your iDevice into a colorful piano for your little ones. You may choose between two different keyboards. One has chubby keys with balls in the middle. The other puts the balls at the top and makes the keys narrower, better for older children’s fingers. The balls can be spun and will make the keys on the piano do different things. One of the balls controls the colors of the keys. Spin this to change the keys and learn about colors. Another ball will put the piano into rainbow mode, turning the colors of the rainbow. Still another ball lets you choose songs to learn. When you’ve selected this mode the stars will show you which keys to tap. Follow the stars, tap the keys and play a song. An instrument ball lets you choose between four instruments that will make the sounds when you tap on the keys. You can double tap on any of the balls to lock them in place so they don’t change while you are playing on the piano keys.

I like the vivid colors in PianoBall and I like the way the keys and the balls work together. It’s nice having the ability to change the options built right into the keyboard. The app comes with an information screen that gives an overview of what each ball does but I would have liked to see more detailed information. A guide of some sort or even a short video would have been helpful. I have to say though that the inclusion of the two types of keyboards was very nice. I really liked the way the “chunkier” keyboard is available for younger children.

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Disclosure: I received a free copy of this app for review purposes.

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