Play & Learn Spanish HD takes a different approach to teaching Spanish. Instead of flashcards, or memorization exercises the app shows you visuals and different scenes. You explore these by tapping on the screen and listening as the app gives you both the Spanish and English vocabulary words for items. There are more than 700 words and phrases to practice and learn. Areas of focus include the city, classroom, restaurant, doctor’s office and more. You’ll also find illustrations for animals, clothes, anatomy, transportation and numbers among other things.

The exploration of these different screens is the “Learn” part of the app’s name. “Play” involves taking a quiz on the vocabulary. Here you’ll see the same screen but this time you’ll hear the vocabulary and you must tap on the item that matches. Points are awarded or subtracted depending on how well you do with your answers. I’d suggest spending some time in the app’s Learn section before you try a quiz.

It’s nice to see an app that steps away from flashcards. I like Play & Learn’s concept of putting the vocabulary into real world settings for learners to explore. I do think that the vocabulary words need a bigger font. They got lost among the scenes when they popped up on the iPad screen. One final suggestion, it would be nice to have a counter that shows how many vocabulary words are represented in each of the scenes. It’s not obvious what you should be tapping on and this would give you a general idea of how you’re doing.

I tried out the iPad version – Play & Learn Spanish HD. A version tailored for the iPhone is also available in iTunes. It costs $.99.

Price when Reviewed: $1.99 – Cinco de Mayo Sale

See the app in iTunes

Seller: SelectSoft

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this app for review purposes.

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