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Are you looking for an app that will help your child learn the Spanish language?  If so, you should definitely check out the new Spanish Stagecraft app!  With Spanish Stagecraft, children can learn Spanish by immersing themselves in the language through various language puzzles.  I thought that this app would appeal to kids, and keep them interested in learning a language, it is much more than just the typical memorization.

Spanish Stagecraft contains 4 sets of 16 language exploration puzzles.  Within each set of 16 puzzles, there are 8 challenges, as well as 1 listening and 1 reading comprehension exercise.  Parents can also upgrade (purchase) to unlock an additional 8 sets of 16 more advanced language puzzles with an additional 16 challenges.  I thought it would be best to start with the basic puzzles, and then once your child has learned all they can with those, purchase the additional puzzles.

I was impressed with the variety of content, the full game includes over 200 Spanish vocabulary words.  I think that the way the words are presented through various exercises, kids will really be able to grasp the meaning of different words and how/when to use them when speaking Spanish.  This is a great beginning vocabulary app for kids of all ages, but probably best suited for children who are school age (at least).

I really enjoyed the Spanish Stagecraft app.  I would definitely recommend this app to parents who wish to teach their child the Spanish language.  My son is a little young, but I plan on sharing the app with him when he is older.

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