I found Playscape Matching to be an absolutely adorable matching game. The screen is covered with rows of clouds. Hiding behind the clouds are numbers, colors, shapes or letters. To play you tap on the different clouds, looking for matches. When you find a match a little bear named Ben will pop up and say “Yay!” or “Wow!” or something else encouraging. I don’t know why but the way he talks cracked us all up.

If you tap the small “i” in the bottom left of the screen you’re taken to the “Play Settings” screen. This is where you can choose the game’s difficulty level. The names of these levels made me smile. Here is what you choose from –  some clouds, cloudy or overcast. The names refer to the number of clouds you’ll be trying to match. Some clouds is the easiest level and overcast will fill your screen with them. Clever names and just like real weather. This play settings screen is where you choose what you want to match – colors, shapes, letters or numbers. You’re also able to choose the background that appears behind the clouds. Choose from sunny, rainbow, night or surprise. Lastly, you can see your high scores here too.

As I mentioned earlier I think Playscape Matching is adorable. It’s graphics are simple, colorful and appealing. Ben Bear provides just the right amount of humor and I really like having several choices of what to match. This is a great matching game for preschoolers!

Price when Reviewed: $.99

Playscape Matching - Learning Colors Shapes Numbers Letters Game

 Seller: Steven Romej

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this app for review purposes.

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