Pocket Phonics is chock full of phonics fun and I love it. There are multiple sections to this app. Your child can listen to letter sounds and tap the letter they belong to. The letters are put in groups of six. (You can read more about why this is under the help section of the app.) Next they can watch the letter being written on the screen and try writing it themselves. There’s a section where the app says a letter sound, your child taps the letter, the app says another sound, and so on until a word is formed. (It does this using the letters from the original group.) Then the app will sound out the letters, put them together and say the word. I say the “app says” but it’s really the voice of a phonics teacher. Finally, there is a game to play with the letter sounds. When your child has gone through all the sections they start over again with a different group of sounds.

On the settings page you can choose the writing style to try: lowercase, uppercase or cursive. Thank you for including cursive! Even though my older kids don’t need the phonics help they can use the cursive practice. You can also select the handwriting style to use: D’Nealian or Zaner-Bloser. Finally you can select the nationality of the app’s “voice” – US or UK. I suggest going to the help section within the app so you can become familiar with the way Pocket Phonics is laid out.

Pocket Phonics is seriously educational and I think it’s a terrific tool for helping early readers.  You can tell that a ton of thought and research was put into it and best of all, they talked and listened to teachers. It shows.

Price when Reviewed: $.99 – this is a sale price. I would grab it now because it’s a steal of a deal. There is also a free version available that you can try.

abc PocketPhonics: letter sounds & writing + first words

Seller: Apps in My Pocket, Ltd.

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