Pocket Wally Sight Words is a great app that uses the Dolch sight words to help your little ones learn how to read. There are things I really liked about this app. First, on the “Options” screen you can choose the list of sight words you want to work with. They offer Pre-K, Kindergarten, First, Second and Third grade lists. This is terrific because you can tailor the app to fit the level your child is at. I love apps that are customizable because you can use them for more then one child and they don’t outgrow them as quickly.  The next thing I liked was how the app actually works. On the screen you’ll see a sight word. It will be read out loud. If your child needs to hear it again there’s a speaker button to push and it’s read again. Next they swipe their finger and the “page turns” to reveal a sentence containing the sight word. It’s read out loud and your child needs to tap the sight word within the sentence. When they’ve done that correctly they’ll get the next sight word. After successfully recognizing five sight words they get to pick a prize to go into their prize bag.

The only suggestion I have for Pocket Wally Sight Words is to slow down the narration, at least for the Pre-K and Kindergarten lists. Other than that, well done! This is a very useful app if you’ve got early readers in your house.

Price when Reviewed: $.99

Pocket Wally Sightwords

Seller: Barry Goldberg

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