Every once in a while, I get the privilege of reviewing an app that is just as fun and challenging for me as it is for my kids.  POV Spatial Reasoning Skills Development is one of those apps.  Spatial reasoning and the math skills that usually accompany it are definitely weak spots for me.  I struggled through Geometry and don’t even get me started on the spatial reasoning skills required to effectively parallel park!  This app is a fabulous way to practice and develop those skills with fun and engaging activities.

Basically, this app has 3 different and challenging activities:  Intro&Explore, Vantage Point and Make a Scene.  Each of the activities get increasingly difficult as each level is passed. Also, each of the levels is timed so players can challenge themselves to improve their times on each level.

Intro&Explore:  This is a POV “tutorial” if you will.  It takes you through the basic concepts of the game and shows you the 4 different points of view that are used in the activities.

Vantage Point:   In this group of activities, you are shown an aerial view of a collection of shapes in a large box.  On each side of the box are cameras.  At the top of the screen is the “Camera View” that you must match to one of the cameras on the sides of the box.  Players must analyze the picture and decide which camera would give them the view at the top of the screen.

Make a Scene:  This activity requires the player to move the objects in the aerial view to match the position of the objects that are shown from a side view.  A “sneak peak” box is also given to help you in arranging the shapes.

POV Spatial Reasoning Skills Development is a member of a family of apps developed by a company called Dexteria.  Their mission is to develop apps that can be used in Occupational Therapy as well as for children who have special needs or need extra help with dyslexia, motor skill delays or dexterity.  There is a “Reports” button that will show you your or your child’s progress in each of the areas making it easy to track their performance.  If you have a child or family member with any one of these challenges then this app would be a definite must-have for you!  However, I don’t have any of those needs and I still have fun challenging myself with these exercises.   I would recommend this app for anyone age 8 and up.  Any way you look at it, this is a wonderful and entertaining app for anyone who wants to improve their spatial reasoning skills or keep their mind sharp with some challenging activities.

Disclosure:  I received a copy of this app for review purposes.

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