Looking for an app to help your preschooler/kindergartener work on their letters and numbers? Pre-K Letters & Numbers tackles identifying and writing letters and numbers. It also works with letter sounds and words that begin with tha letter. The app has a simple, clean design and the user interface is easy to follow. Parents have the ability to create multiple user accounts, allowing more than one child to use the app.

When they are working with the letters children will begin by writing the letter on the screen, following numbered dots. They’ll then see the letter, hear it’s sound and see/hear a word that begins with the letter. They can do this exercise for both upper and lowercase letters. The letters are easily heard and understood, I just wish that the app always used words that began with the sound they chose for the vowel. For example, the sound given for “A” is not the sound at the beginning of the word used, which is “apple”. It’s a nit-picky thing but I think it’s something that young children who are just learning letter sounds will pick up on.

The numbers section follows a similar format. Children trace a number by following the dots. Next they see the number, hear it’s name and see that number of objects represented on screen. Since Pre-K Letters & Numbers you only get a sampling of what the app has to offer. You’ll only get up to the letter C and the number 3. To go beyond that you’ll need to use the in-app purchase and unlock the rest of the app. In addition to the rest of the letters and numbers you’ll also unlock a section of phonograms and blends.

Pre-K Letters & Numbers lets you create an account which will give you access to a “real time reporting” report card that shows how your child is performing in the app. This report card can be accessed online at www.brightstartapps.com. The app has pleasant graphics, the background music is a nice touch and it’s definitely straightforward and easy to use.

Price when Reviewed: Free with $1.99 in-app purchase

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Seller: BrightStart LLC

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