Preschool Pairs is a memory game about musical instruments. You begin with a set of cards turned face down. Tap one to turn it over and then tap another to find it’s match. Each card features a musical instrument and when you tap it you’ll hear the music it plays. When you find a match the app shows you the name of the instrument. There are two modes to this game. Toddler mode shows you all the cards, no flipping required. Preschool mode begins with the cards face down.  In preschool mode there are different levels of difficulty and the games are timed and scored.

The app information says that more instruments will be added in future updates. I think the price might be a dollar too high but Preschool Pairs is a simple memory game and if your child likes music it’s one they’ll enjoy.

Price when Reviewed: $1.99

Preschool Pairs Musical Instruments

Seller: babyantz media

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  1. Dave Claunch

    My kids LOVE this iPhone app! Having the audio accompany the instrument aids in the memory process and exposes them to different musical instruments. It keeps them busy for hours!

  2. Caselyn

    My girls are 2, 4, 7, and 10 It’s not always perberafle that they have each other to play with, because they sometimes find twice the trouble! We homeschool, and the 10 year old does *most* of her stuff independently. The 7 year old’s work doesn’t take TOO long IF she doesn’t spend most of the time fighting me about it. We have wooden puzzles, stacking games, big beads’ to thread, linking cubes, and all kinds of things taht can keep the little ones occupied. The hard part is having them clean up as they go, and not have a big pile at the end to deal with!


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