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What little girl doesn’t dream of being a princess, living in a beautiful castle and wearing beautiful gowns and jewelry? Princess Castle Adventures brings little girls’ dreams to life as they explore and play in the castle. Whether they are dressing up or playing doctor to a sick prince, a royally fun time is sure to be had!

The Princess Castle has four areas to explore: a music room, a hospital room, a dress up room and a hair styling room. In the music room, children must take various steps to repair the broken instruments located in the room. Once they have successfully glued, re-strung, and fixed everything up they can make music with the instruments. The hospital room gives children the opportunity to play doctor or nurse by caring for an ailing young prince. They must take his temperature, wipe his nose, look down his throat and much more to make him well. The dress-up room is just that; a place where children can dress a princess in beautiful ball gowns, jewelry and tiaras. Finally, the hair styling room provides various styling tools and instruments to create a hair-do fit for a princess.

One thing is certain; this app will definitely appeal to preschool aged little girls. The princess is beautiful and the bright pastel colors are just what girls love. The activities are very age appropriate and fun for that age group. The one thing I didn’t love about this app, and it’s a big one, is the high number of ads! An advertisement for another app comes up literally every couple of minutes. Every time you move to another activity an ad pops up plus several in between. Aside from being incredibly annoying, it would really give me pause about letting my child play this app because it is way too easy for them to get redirected. It’s unfortunate, because otherwise I wouldn’t hesitate to give this app two thumbs up. However, because of this I have to hold back and tell you that it isn’t worth your time for all the time wasted watching advertisements.

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