Quick Reader is an app that will help you improve your reading speed. My reading speed is pretty quick already, but that’s due to the fact that I tend to skip over lengthy descriptive passages in books. Not so many adjectives please, just give me the action. Sadly, I just don’t have the time to savor books the way I once did. So I definitely wouldn’t call myself a true speed reader because at more like speed skimming.  Now if I decide that I want to learn to read quickly AND catch every word this is the app I’m going to turn to. It’s pretty slick.

I had a delightful surprise when I opened up Quick Reader and discovered twenty-one classics were included with it. It contains The Call of the Wild, Little Women, A Secret Garden, The Last of the Mohicans and Pride and Prejudice, among many other great books. I have Mr. Darcy on my iPhone now – how cool is that!! Of course I also have Mr. Collins but he’s a necessary evil. The app allows you to read normally or in speed reading mode. Normal works like a regular e-book. Swipe the screen to “turn the page” and off you go. Guided reading is where you work on your speed. In the settings you choose how many words per minute you want to read. Now when you begin the book you’ll see a colored bar highlighting several words as it moves across the page. The idea is to read along with the bar and train yourself to pick up the pace. In the settings you can choose whether the words are highlighted, outlined, underlined, etc. You can also choose the color for the highlighting and lines. Finally there is a “Speed Test”. With this you press start then read from the top of the page to the end of any page. When you’re done tap the screen for your results. My results were too sad to mention.

Quick Reader is extremely well put together and I like how you can customize the speed reading aspect of it. There’s no set amount of words that you must read per minute – you get to make that choice. You’re also able to customize the font and font size, page color, margins and color of text. The fact that you get twenty-one e-books with this app is terrific! You’re not going to be practicing your reading on mundane paragraphs about topics that don’t interest you. You’ll get to read (or read again) some of the best literature.

So maybe you’re going back to school and need to get through textbooks quickly. Or you’re just trying to get through a novel before the kids disrupt your peace and quiet. Whatever your reason if you’re serious about improving your speed reading this app is a must try.

Price when Reviewed: $4.99 – that’s 50% off the regular price

QuickReader - The Speed Reading eBook Reader

Seller: Inkstone Software

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