I use Quicken Online Mobile in combination with the Quicken Online website. We’ve used Quicken software for our personal finances for many moons. It works but I was somehow always off in my register. Not off by pennies or dimes but more. Much more. Don’t ask me how I did this but every time I’d start over again and within a couple of months I was off. Which meant that when I reconciled things with the bank I had to do all the subtraction myself anyway. Kind of defeats the purpose of using software doesn’t it?  My husband upgraded my OS a few months ago and I couldn’t find my Quicken CD to reinstall the software on my PC. While I was searching for help online I discovered that Quicken offers a free online tool. It’s basically Quicken on the internet and you record all of your transactions there. It automatically reconciles with the accounts you setup so you are always up to date. There are some quirks to using it and it’s taken some getting used to but it’s working fairly well for me. I’m hoping as they continue to upgrade and rework things it’ll become even more user friendly. What I really like about using the mobile version of Quicken is the fact that there’s an app that syncs with my online account. I open up the app and there’s my account information, all the good, bad and ugly right there on my phone. I can see the projected outlook for my account (ugly), the activity (bad) and I’ve got the ability to add in transactions using the app (good if I remember to do this!). Whatever I add in the app shows up in my account online and whatever I do online shows up in my app. No excuse for not knowing what’s what. Which I suppose is a good thing!

I’ve also tried out Mint.com (a similar online money management tool) and they too have an iPhone app. I didn’t like it as well as Quicken but I know people who absolutely rave about it. It’s a very thorough experience but I, personally, preferred the simpler Quicken, even with it’s quirks.  Interestingly, Quicken recently purchased Mint so I wonder if they’ll eventually merge together. It’d be great if they took the best of both websites and created something financially spectacular. As spectacular as my bank account always being reconciled now!

Price when Reviewed: Free

Quicken Online Mobile

Seller: Intuit, Inc.

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