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Every day, boring old school work has gone back in time to a land filled with knights, castles, quests and even OGRES! Quiz Hero is a new educational quiz-style game that mixes subjects like math and science with some medieval folklore to create an app that not only tests your knowledge, but your bravery as well.

Your adventure begins by creating your warrior avatar. There are boys and girls with different appearances so you can customize your avatar to your liking. Next, you must select which subject you wish to master: Math, Science, or Vocabulary. Now the battle begins. You face off with an ugly ogre who you must defeat by correctly answering questions in the subject you chose. Each correct answer results in a “strike” against the ogre and his life gets worn down. However, he is attacking you too, so you must watch your life bar and replenish your energy by purchasing food from the supply store. You can also improve your chances in battle by purchasing other supplies like armor and weapons. Each battle you win rewards you with supplies and money and gets you closer to defeating the ogres and winning your quest.

I was really excited to try out this app. I liked the idea of combining academic skills with a fun and exciting battle game to add a fun new dimension to often boring school subjects. However, I was a bit disappointed by the app when I actually played it. I think it has the potential to be a really great app with a few key improvements. First, there aren’t really any tutorials or instructions to show you how to play the game or use your weapons and options to fight. It is pretty much a “learn as you go” type of game, which myself and my children found pretty frustrating. When my third-grader played the app, she kept getting frustrated because she was answering the questions correctly but couldn’t figure out the ins and outs of how to play the battle part of the game and eventually just gave up on it. Second, the questions that are asked in the subjects are kind of all over the board as far as difficulty and skill level. For example, in the math section you may get problems like 0+3 and 9-5 but there are also two and three digit addition and subtraction problems. You also have a time limit for answering the questions. For kids who struggle to answer math questions quickly, this could be quite discouraging. I would suggest that they create a way to choose which level of difficulty you play so that kids of all skill levels could enjoy playing and feel successful.

In my opinion Quiz Hero has the potential to be a really great learning app and a fun way for kids to practice academic skills and have a great time doing it. However, as it is now, I think it is difficult to learn how to play the game without proper instruction and it is frustrating to play. If kids have the time and patience to endure through the learning curve associated with the game, they will probably enjoy playing it.

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