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The Dodoname app provides a unique email address that you use to form a one-to-one relationship with a single merchant or service.  With Dodoname, online shoppers can browse for daily deals, register for services & trials and much more.  I thought that this app had a great concept.

Dodoname users can personalize their account so that they get deals and offers that are tailored just for them.  I like how the app increases your productivity and efficiency by allowing you to manage all your online registrations and services in one app.  Basically, you can register with all your favorite online merchants using your unique Dodoname email address. The email address is also great at eliminating spam and providing you with privacy protection.  I like how the app allows you to interact with merchants, as well as test products and apps with having to use your “real” email address, it helps you filter out that aspect in your personal email.  Another great use for Dodoname – every time you use wifi access at a hotel, just give them your Dodoname email!  Same goes for any free demos or trials you want to check out!

I really like the Dodoname app.  I love the freedom, convenience and privacy that Dodoname provides users.  If you would like more privacy and freedom when interacting online, be sure to check out Dodoname!

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Nikki is a retired bookkeeper, starting her second career as a stay at home mom. She lives with her husband, son and yellow lab in North Carolina. She loves technology and gadgets – and her iPad is one of her favorites. One of her favorite things about apps is that they are so versatile – there are apps for teaching kids, apps for entertainment, apps for hobbies…She definitely believes the phrase “There’s an app for that…”

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