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Pocket Worlds is a fun learning app geared towards children ages 5 and under.  With Pocket Worlds, kids can explore 9 themed educational games that include concepts such as sorting and matching and many more!  I really liked the look of this app and how easy it was for kids to navigate.

The Pocket Worlds app is a perfect introduction to some essential preschool skills.  Children can explore “Party World”, a collection of 9 unique themed educational games, all of which are unlocked and ready to play.  I like how the games are introduced in a fun birthday party setting.  The 9 games included are as follows: 1) Party Guest Invites (matching), 2) Birthday Cake Builder (stacking), 3) Cookie Drop (shapes), 4) Balloon Pop (counting), 5) Gift Sorting (color sorting), 6) Party Hats (matching), 7) Gift Box Stacking (stacking), 8) Gift Guessing (matching), and 9) Birthday Party Diorama (shapes).  I should mention, there is also an expansion pack – “School World” – available for $1.99, and it contains 9 more games.  I really liked the variety of skills taught in the games, and I thought it would be perfect for preschool age children – colors, shapes, matching, etc.

I really enjoyed the Pocket Worlds app.  I thought that this app would be great for preschoolers, I like the worlds available, and there are more worlds on the way!  I would definitely recommend this app to the parents of preschoolers!

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