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Another great app brought to you by Cupcake Digital – NetKids Digital Entertainment Network for Kids is a great new entertainment app for children of all ages.  With NetKids Digital Entertainment Network, children can enjoy exclusive Cupcake Digital apps, fun activities, wholesome videos and narrated stories!  I really love how the app is contained within a safe, ad-free digital environment, so you don’t have to worry about your little ones clicking on various pop-ups, etc.

The NetKids app offers a free trial, which includes free books, videos and activities.  There are lots of high-quality, age-appropriate books and videos available for various ages.  I love how the app includes favorite characters from popular culture, such as: Rio & Rio 2, Strawberry Shortcake, Thomas & Friends, Mike the Knight, Dr. Seuss and many more.

One huge plus in my opinion, the app offers convenient offline accessibility! – this is perfect for those long road trips or airplane trips where internet may not be an option.  Once you have downloaded content for your child, no internet connection is required to view it again!  Speaking of downloading content, the app features a kid-friendly browser that both children and parents can use to search by characters, books, videos or specific interests.  Parents will receive curated suggestions from NetKids based on their child’s age and adding anything is totally under their control.  I love that the app is always being updated with new content as well – new books, videos, etc. are added regularly!  Also, if you purchase a NetKids subscription (NetKids Club in-app purchase is $7.99), it comes with unlimited access to a catalog of Cupcake Digital’s premium apps, including exclusive apps and activities.

I really enjoyed the NetKids Digital Entertainment Network for Kids.  If you are looking for a new digital library for your child, I would definitely suggest checking out the free trial!  I will be enjoying this app with my 4 year old son for sure!

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