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The We Discover Wildlife: Forest Quest app is a fun educational family board game.  With We Discover Wildlife: Forest Quest, families can enjoy a digital pass-and-play board game that is all about animals.  This app would be great in a home setting or classroom setting.  The app is designed for children as young as 4, but is great for a range of ages.

We Discover Wildlife features a multiplayer mode with the option to play with 2 to 4 players, as well as the option to play with 1 player against the computer.  Children will learn interesting educational facts about forests and their animal inhabitants, with over 350 challenging questions and answers, as well as 3 difficulty levels.  I really like how there are individual player settings, you can select the difficulty for questions and each player’s figurine (to level the playing field).  As kids play, they can earn bonuses, get presents and complete tasks to reach the finish line faster.   The first player to collect all 7 animal photos and reach the end of the game wins!

I really enjoyed the We Discover Wildlife: Forest Quest app.  I think that this app would be perfect to play as a family, between friends, or in a classroom setting.  If you are looking for a fun digital board game that is also educational, I would definitely recommend We Discover Wildlife!

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