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The Peppy Pals Beach app is a fun adventure game with a great lesson.  With Peppy Pals Beach, children can learn about emotions and friendship as they join animals in a fun adventure game.  This app is geared towards children ages 2 through 6 years old.  I thought that this app had a great concept and would be perfect for teaching children how to deal with/talk about emotions.

There are five different quirky animals to meet and play with along the way.  Each time you meet a new animal, you will help them out in a different way.  Most of the learning is done through educational mini-games.

The games are all rooted in empathy, emotions and social skills – designed to increase emotional intelligence and social/emotional learning.  Kids will help the characters in various situations, as well as play with the animals and plenty of toys.  The app is very kid-friendly, featuring an easy-to-use interface…there is no text, no external links, no advertisements, no in-app purchases.  Just download and start learning with your little one!

I enjoyed the Peppy Pals Beach app.  I would definitely recommend this app to parents, especially any parents who have a child that has difficulty understanding emotion – this could be a good ice-breaker.  I will be playing this app with my son for sure!

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