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The Kids Stories Vol. 1 app features three interactive short stories for younger children.  With Kids Stories Vol. 1, kids can enjoy reading short stories on their iPad.  I thought that this app would be fun for kids to read to themselves or to read together as a family.

Seymour, the friendly cat, will read your child a short story before they go to bed.  Or Seymour will just sit next to you while you read the story to your child and they can follow along with the text on the screen.  So, you see, there are both Read to Me or Read By Myself options, which is always nice.    I like how the app is not too busy, it is really focused on your child reading and using their imagination…not too many animations/interactions.  Sometimes that’s nice for a change.

In this first volume, kids will have three stories to choose from: The Happy Poppy, The Little Man From the Fungus, and The Butterfly.  If you enjoy these stories, be sure to look out for Vol. 2 in the App Store.  I think that this app would be great for any family who loves to read together!

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