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The Peekabox-Forest: Flashcards app is a fun educational app for kids of various ages.  With Peekabox-Forest: Flashcards, children can join Cucu who is headed on an animal adventure.  Along the way, children will learn lots of animal facts, names and sounds through an interactive and engaging virtual environment.  I thought that this app would be great for various ages and especially kids who love animals!

I love that this app is not your typical flashcard app, in that it combines the effectiveness of traditional flashcards with modern elements – such as: animations, transitions, animal pictures (real photographs) and even video clips!  I really like how you can choose between using “cartoon” pictures or real life photography for the flashcards, this makes the app very accessible to all ages.  The app provides an easy to use interface, which is very intuitive for children as well.

The app features four modes of play: Go Explore, Animal Videos, Animal Sounds and Play a Game.  With Go Explore, kids can simply tap on animal icons and see real-life HD pictures, hear the name of the animal, as well as the sound it makes.  With the Animal Videos mode, children can enjoy watching short animal video clips that allow for observation of animal movement.  The Animal Sounds mode introduces children to professionally recorded animal sounds.  Lastly, Play a Game is just that – kids will answer simple questions in a fun quiz.  I also wanted to mention that the app features two distinct themes: In the Spotlight, which is a clean theme with no distractions, and Nature Box, which is ideal for those kids who want to explore the look and feel of an animal’s natural environment!

I really enjoyed the Peekabox-Forest app.  I felt like this app definitely stood out from the crowd .  I would definitely recommend checking out this app with the little animal lover in your house!

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