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MusiQuest: Kids Learn Music, Reading Notes, & Songwriting is an amazing musical app for kids.  With MusiQuest, kids can learn all aspects of music, including how to read notes and even write their own songs!  I thought that this app would be a great, fun way for kids to learn about music, and at their own pace.

MusiQuest allows kids to guide their own journey to explore music, figure out how it works, and then express themselves with their own creations.  This app has been featured in The Guardian as one of the 10 best music apps for kids!  I was really impressed with all the features in this app, as well as the variety of lessons offered.

Kids can begin by learning to read and write music using notation. The app offers an introduction to music through concepts of melody, harmony, chord progressions, rhythm and more. I like how the app features music in all styles, ranging from rock guitar solos to hip hop to classical. Kids can create and play their own musical masterpiece once they have mastered the basics. There is even a way to build your own band by mixing and matching all sorts of instruments, such as: keyboards, guitars, brass instruments, electronic elements and more. I love how kids can even learn how to make digital music, which will prime them to use other tools such as Garageband, Logic and more!

I really enjoyed the MusiQuest app.  I only checked out free elements, but was impressed with the potential of the app.  You are able to buy various subscriptions to the app, including one month auto-renewing subscriptions.  I would definitely recommend checking out this app if you would like to teach your child all about music, from the basics to the more advanced skills.

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Nikki is a retired bookkeeper, starting her second career as a stay at home mom. She lives with her husband, son and yellow lab in North Carolina. She loves technology and gadgets – and her iPad is one of her favorites. One of her favorite things about apps is that they are so versatile – there are apps for teaching kids, apps for entertainment, apps for hobbies…She definitely believes the phrase “There’s an app for that…”

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