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Peppy Pals – Reggy’s Play Date is a great app that allows kids to explore an open-ended game about emotions.  With Reggy’s Play Date, kids can join Reggy the dog as he experiences all sorts of emotions, including: happy, sad, scared, and many more.  I thought that this app would be beneficial for helping children learn about reading body language and facial expressions.

The app is geared towards teaching children how to develop emotional intelligence.  Kids will play with Reggy and all his toys, while playing children will observe Reggy display various emotions.  The app will help children develop their emotional skills in a natural and engaging way.  Reggy will encounter different situations that will range from silly to happy to sad.  There is no text or language, so kids will rely strictly on reading Reggy’s body language and facial expressions to determine what he is feeling.  I thought this was great practice for real life situations.

The app features a Day & Night cycle, and is and open-ended game full of surprises!  I thought the animations and visuals were impressive and perfect for younger children.  The app also features a child-friendly interface that is easy to navigate.

I really enjoyed the Peppy Pals – Reggy’s Play Date app.  I would recommend this app for preschoolers or children that are ready to expand their social and emotional skills.  My five year old son seems to be a great age for the app!

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