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Are you looking for a way to teach your child how to swim?  Easy Swimmer – Starfish is a methodology that teaches children how to swim, and is ideal for ages 5 and up.  With Easy Swimmer – Starfish, kids can use a step-by-step program that will help them feel comfortable and confident in the water.

I love how this app provides clear step-by-step lessons, beginning with learning to place your head under the water, opening your eyes under water, and then taking you all the way to the deep-end of the pool!  The Easy Swimmer program consists of 5 steps over 5 levels of proficiency, and includes over 130 filmed educational exercises and commentaries for parents and kids to watch together.  The step-by-step learning approach also features fun tests to take along the way, and your child will get their very own “diploma” at the end of each major step.

Kids and parents will play and learn together in a fun way, all while the little one is learning to swim!  There is a building block approach, as kids will learn to master the swimming strokes: crawl, breast stroke, and back crawl.  I wanted to mention that this app is a labor of love, and was created by Cyrille Lasnier, a swimming coach and physical education teacher.

I really enjoyed the Easy Swimmer – Starfish app.  I think that this app could be very useful in teaching a child to swim and helping them feel comfortable in the water.  I plan on trying to use this app with my 5 year old son!

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