Do you have a child who is learning their phonics sounds?  Or maybe a child that is ready to start learning to read?  If so, you should definitely check out the new Phonics: Fun on Farm app.  With Phonics: Fun on Farm, children can learn to read the fun way – through phonics!  This app was designed for children ages 2 through 7 years old, or any beginning reader.

The Phonics: Fun on Farm app features 12 fun educational games.  Kids can join Farmer Frank and all his animals as they teach them how to read!  This app utilizes a systematic phonics method of reading instruction to teach reading skills to children.  Throughout this app, beginning readers will cover several essential reading sub-skills, such as: phoneme recognition, letter-sound relationships, letter writing, blending sounds to form words, spelling, and reading words and simple sentences.  I really like how this app starts with the basics and builds all the way up to simple reading.  The app offers a gradual introduction of groups of letters, and provides “scaffolding options”, as well as multi-user performance analysis.  Parents will love being able to track each child’s progress with the app.

There are lots of fun educational games within the app, including: matching sounds, initial sounds, flash cards, letters sounds, tracing letters, sight words, and many more!  Some of the activities included in the games are as follows: feeding the animals, herding the sheep back to their barns, and even building your own beautiful farm.  There are 12 games total, as well as over 250 decodable words, 100 captions and sentences, and some of the most frequently used sight words.  The app features 6 scenes that are filled with fun stickers and animations.  Kids will love the variety of ways to have fun.

I really enjoyed the Phonics: Fun on Farm app!  I would definitely recommend this app to parents of early readers or those who are ready to begin learning the basics of reading.  I will be playing this app with my 3 year old son for sure!

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this app for review purposes.

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