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  • Bouncing beat and unique sound effects
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Do you have young children that like to “surprise” you? Hiding around corners to jump out and scare you? Then do I have an app for you, ROAR!! by Upside Down Studios. This is most definitely not a quiet time app. It’s there for good old noisy fun!

Traveling from the jungle, to the ocean, to the outback your child will love using their most thunderous ROAR to startle unsuspecting monkeys, whales and kangaroos. Who would ever guess that a lounging shark would dive to the deep at the sound of a child’s ROAR!? Giggles and laughs will abound with this playtime app. Learning fun is included too. Tap the resting animals to make colorful balloons with their name appear. Then pop them for motor skill practice.

The sound quality of the app is great and the animations are so bright and colorful. This app is geared for small children, so I think narrating the introduction and announcing the names of the animals displayed in the balloon would be a big bonus. Thanks for the morning fun, ROAR!!

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When is come to the gadgets, gizmos and whats-its of the modern world, her three kids keep her up to speed. Whether its watching yet another iTunes card go up in smoke while music downloads at the speed of sound, teenage blogging, term paper research or the youngest studying spelling and math facts, she tries to ignore how many hours are logged on the hand held devices in her home. All that being said, the growth and learning the gizmos provide never cease to amaze her.

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