Summer is over and it’s time for the zoo to close for the season.  What will happen to all of the animals?  They’ll need to sail home to their natural habitats of course.  It’s your job to help get all of the animals back to their respective habitats safely.  So…ALL ABOARD!  It’s time to Sail Home!

Sailing Home is the perfect app for any animal-loving kid.  This app takes several well-known, and a few lesser-known animals and teaches children in a fun and age-appropriate way about them and their lives outside of the zoo.  The animals board the ship three at a time and as your child taps on a specific animal, the narrator teaches all sorts of fun facts about that animal:  where they live, what they eat, their behaviors and natural predators.  Your child’s zoological knowledge will grow by leaps and bounds with this app.  After learning about all three animals, your child must tap the map in the corner of the screen and select a place to visit.  Once the ship docks on the shore, they must then select the correct animal for that habitat.  Get them all correct, and balloon stream down and the ship returns to it’s dock and picks up more animals to sail home.

Sailing Home is a pretty fun little game with some cute and colorful graphics.  I enjoyed learning all of the fascinating facts about the animals. The actual activity of moving the animals to their habitat’s got a bit old and tedious and my kids agreed.  They had fun with this one for about 5 minutes and then got tired of the routine of listening to facts about the animal, watching the ship sail and then moving them to their habitat.  In my opinion, as it is this app is a great start.  I wish there was a little more to it to hold the attention of my kids because it really has the potential to help kids learn a lot of interesting things about animals.  If the activities could be expanded a bit to maybe include feeding the animals or even being able to create the habitats by dragging trees, water, grass, etc. onto the screen I think it would be more engaging and appeal a little more to the age group it was designed for.

Disclosure:  I received a free copy of this app for review purposes.

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