Sesame Workshop has teamed up with ScrollMotion, the company behind the Iceberg Reader kid apps, to bring the “Where Is the Puppy” Sesame Street book series to the iPhone.

I recently reviewed another book presented by ScrollMotion, Curious George Makes Pancakes. The features in Sesame Street: The Playground are the same as they are in the George book. There is an index that allows you to jump into the story from different points. You can also place an Elmo bookmark at a specific spot in the story and then go to that spot again and again. The app allows several people to record themselves reading the story and then in the settings you can choose which voice you want to read the story or you can turn off the auto-read altogether. The default auto-read voice is that of Chris from Sesame Street. One of the things that I love about the ScrollMotion books is the way they handle illustrations. The illustrations flow with the story and you’re also able to pinch and zoom and pan through them with your finger. At the end of Sesame Street: The Playground you will find definitions of some of the bigger words in the story.

There are several stories from the “Where Is the Puppy” series that are now available in the iTunes store.  They are only $1.99 which makes them one of the least expensive of the storybook apps and you’ll get  quality for your money. Overall, I found Sesame Street: The Playground to be very well done and easily navigated – key in a storybook for children.

Price when Reviewed: $1.99

Sesame Street: The Playground

Seller: Sesame Workshop

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