Shake-a-Phrase puts super silly sentences into your children’s hands. While they’re giggling over the phrases they’ll be learning word definitions and parts of speech. Throw in story starters for an imagination workout and you have a very entertaining educational app. Shake-a-Phrase has three sections, here’s a look at each one.

Shake It – In Shake It you create a random sentence each time you shake the iPhone. Now we’re not talking about a normal run of the mill sentence. These are silly sentences that don’t make much sense at all. Users can tap on words to see their definitions.

Story Starter – In this mode shaking the iPhone brings you a random “story starter”. You and your imagination take it from there.

Quiz Me – Here Shake-a-Phrase provides a sentence and a few questions about the parts of speech found in that sentence. Earn points while you play the quiz. In the app’s menu you can determine whether you want the quiz to show questions about nouns, verbs, adjectives – all, some or none.

Within each mode you can change the theme of the phrases and story starters. Themes include Monsters, Fairytale, Animals and Shake Starter. Sentences can be marked as favorites and will then show up on a favorites list. I do one feature suggestion. I think it would be fun if the app had narration so non-readers could hear the sentences. For pure fluff I also think it would be super silly if you were allowed you to record yourself reading them too. My final thought? Shake-a-Phrase is as silly and one of a kind as it’s sentences and a clever way to keep children learning.

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Price when Reviewed: $1.99

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Seller: Artgig Studio

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this app for review purposes.

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    Awesome! I wanted this one- glad I waited, and thanks for letting us know!


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