IMG_0179 If you’ve got a preschooler then Shape Builder a great app for your iPhone. It’s a simple premise but my kids love playing it over and over. I asked my four year old if he liked this app and he said he loved it. Even my 9 year old has been caught using it.


On the screen you see a mystery shape, divided IMG_0180into a puzzle and colorful puzzle  pieces. Your child touches a puzzle piece and drags it to the right spot on the shape. Once the puzzle is finished it turns into a picture. The name of the picture (carrot, xylophone, etc.) shows up and you hear it read aloud. My kids get a kick out of trying to figure out what the puzzle is going to turn into at the end.

The app has a total of 120 different puzzles and the random order resets after you’ve gone through them all. There are puzzles for letters, musical instruments, animals, fruits and veggies and more. This app is great on many levels and a terrific combination of learning and fun.

Seller:Darren Murtha

Price when Reviewed: $.99

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