Based on the critically acclaimed story “Ship of Dreams” by Dean Morrissey, this app is designed to share the wonderment of the story with children.  This story has won numerous awards, including The New York Times “Ten Best Illustrated Books”.  The timeless tale paints a picture of a young boy who stays awake one night to see the mythical Sandman and then finds himself sailing through the night sky.  Come along and see the story like never before – as an interactive storybook app!

This story can be enjoyed through three levels of text and narration – ranging from 2nd grade to 3rd grade to 4th grade (each level has appropriate vocabulary and sentence structure corresponding to each grade level).  Of course, there are “Read to Me” as well as “Read it Myself” options to choose from at the beginning.  All of the artwork is based on Dean’s original oil paintings and only subtle interactivity and animation was added to try to maintain the integrity of the original illustrations.  However, the animations that are present are very high-quality, as well as the interactions.  One oil painting in particular, “The Dreamer’s Trunk”, was converted into a vocabulary game for kids to play.  The game is quite fun, the trunk will have a word appear over it and then kids can drag and drop the item into the trunk until they have filled it with all the items.  There are also a few places in the story where children can insert their own name for personalization and fun.

I really enjoyed the Ship of Dreams app.  I had never read the story before and I thought it was very original and a great read.  I thought that all of the artwork was amazing, really beautiful.  If you are looking for a new interactive storybook app to read with your children, I highly recommend the Ship of Dreams!

Price when Reviewed: $1.99

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Requirements: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 6.0 or later.  This app is designed for iPad.

Seller: readImagine

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this app for review purposes.


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    Wow. Very good application I have to try it. I show video for my children on my iPad. I use ArkMC application because all the downloaded videos are store on Western Digital Network Storage with Twonky server.


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