Air travel can be so much fun, but it can also be frightening for children. What will it be like to go through an airport? Are there any special things I will have to do? For frequent flyers it’s old hat, but to a newbie the excitement could be tempered with some apprehension. When we took our kids on their first plane trip, it would have been nice for them to have a visual frame of reference. Smart Fish: Frequent Flyer has put together a perfect mix of reference and fun to have children prepared to fly like a pro. 

The trip is broken into steps that instruct from pre-trip packing to postcards at the destination.

  • What to pack? What is the weather like? The Smart Fish Team did a great job teaching kids that while packing its important to remember where you’re going and what the weather will be like. Not only do they inform you about the weather at your destination they give small prompts to remember that if its sunny, you’ll need to pack sunscreen and clothing that you would wear in the heat, like shorts and a tee shirt. If it’s going to be cold, don’t forget a coat. Rainy?  Grab the umbrella.  Kids can be confident they are prepared.  
  • Getting to the airport: In order to get to the airport many people take a taxi. Frequent Flyer has you direct the taxi though the town, from home to the marked airport. 
  • Going through the security gate: The security gate can be confusing, but this app teaches children the process. Start by putting the suitcase on the conveyor  belt, next remove coat and shoes to place in the bin for a trip through the x-ray machine. Then you guide passengers through the metal detector and grab all the stuff again. 
  • The Flight: This stage will show children what to do on the plane.  Help the passenger locate their seating row, now stow their luggage in the overhead compartment. After that your child will put the passengers in their seat, don’t forget to buckle them in. When everyone is safely seated its time for take-off. There is minor turbulence too.
  • Baggage claim: Once the plane has landed, its time to collected the checked bags.  A matching game prompts your child to pair travelers to the proper suitcase.
  • Post Cards and information about many famous travel hot spots are presented at the end of the game.  

My crew of young flyers really enjoyed this app and made several trips to collect stickers for their luggage. Although they may not be frequent flyers themselves, they will definitely be prepared flyers on their next trip thanks to Smart Fish: Frequent Flyer.

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this app for review purposes.

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  1. Nicole

    I’m going to keep this in mind for our first plane trip later this year.


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