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SmartEdApp is unlike any app I have reviewed thus far. Designed specifically for special needs students, this app works as a tool to help children improve reading, language, receptive and expression skills through interactive activities. This app has the potential to do wonderful things as it is customizable and can grow with the child as they progress.

SmartEdApp has several categories to meet the individual needs of students. With categories like Language Arts, Articulation, and Social Skills teachers and parents are sure to fine the tools they need to support IEPs while correlating with Common Core State Standards. Most of the activities that I used flash cards and/or pictures with narration. Some of the activities were more interactive, such as having the student drag and drop shapes around the screen. Each activity seemed to incorporate both verbal and auditory cues. The app comes with the ability to create “registered users” but you have limited access to activities. By upgrading to a “licensed user” you have full access to the activities. It also comes with a Therapy Log where you can record observations and notes from each time the student uses the app. It also has a feature where you can check boxes for age, the categories you want to focus on, and the activities you’d like to incorporate to create a customizable list of activities to use. The app also has a comprehensive User Guide section to help parents and teachers learn all of the features of the app and maximize the benefit for your student.

This app was quite difficult for me to review as I don’t have any working knowledge of what types of skills special needs students need to work on, nor do I have any experience working with this group of children. I honestly have no idea if this app would be beneficial to teachers or parents who work with or have special needs children. What I can tell you, is that from my perspective, this app seemed very comprehensive in terms of what it included and the tools it incorporated. One thing that I didn’t like, was that I felt that the narration sounded a bit choppy and glitchy and somewhat difficult to understand at time. However, as a free initial download, it seems like it would be worth taking a look at and if it seems like something you’d use, upgrade the Licensed User privileges and incorporate it into your student’s education plan.

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