Snap! is a super easy way to add labels and notes to photographs. Take a picture and write a note, it will appear on the photo. It’s that simple. There are additional features which take the app up a notch, such as the ability to choose the color of your note and text, the size and type of your font. You can also use your finger to move the note around the screen until you have it in the correct spot. Once it’s complete Snap! automatically saves the new photo (with note visible) to your camera roll. You’re done! You can add notes to photos that you’ve previously taken, those that are already in your camera roll. Or you can take a photo while you’re using the app and then immediately add the information. Finished photos can also be shared in a variety of ways. These include Twitter, Facebook, Email, Tumblr and Printing via AirPrint. The possibilities of how to use Snap! are endless. I think of all the times I’ve taken a quick picture only to go back through my camera roll months later and wonder what in the world we were doing in that photo. A quick note would document whatever family fun we’d been up to. The App Store suggests using Snap! to document homework and I think that’s a brilliant idea. When the end of the year oversized projects come home I could take a picture of them, add labels and then get rid of the poster boards instead of letting them sit in bedrooms for months. A great way to cut down on clutter. Snap! was extremely easy to use and so practical. I can definitely see myself putting this app to use in my home. Update 6/22/11 – Snap now has the ability to send images to Instagram, Evernote & Flickr. Symbols have been added to the keyboard so you can use those in your notes. The app now allows you to zoom. The interface has been changed and the price has dropped 50%. Price when Reviewed: $.99

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Seller: iBrazuca

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this app for review purposes.

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