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Snaptric is a new photography app.  With Snaptric, users can choose the best face from each photo and create the perfect group photo or selfie within seconds.  I thought that this app had a good concept and would be helpful for creating a photo where everyone has their best smile, and their eyes open!

Simply take a few pictures with the same people and background and then tap on the face that you want to replace.  You can easily preview the new face fit and see how it looks.  The Snaptric app uses a specially developed seam-stitching technique which invisibly snaps together sections of the photos in the right place.  Then, save or share your photo in full resolution.

The Snaptric app works as a stand alone app but is also an extension of the iOS Camera and Photos app – in other words, you can directly edit your photos in the Camera app and Photos app as well.  You can edit photos in portrait or landscape mode, and replace as many faces as many times as you want, or use the auto-mix feature.  Then, look at real-time previews while using the slider (photoset thumbs).

I thought that the Snaptric app had a unique concept.  I think that this app would be useful for those who are looking to capture a moment with everyone’s best smile or everyone’s eyes open!  If you are looking for a new photo editor, be sure to check out Snaptric and see what it has to offer.

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