Part of our job as parents is to raise responsible, caring adults.  (We do want the kids to leave home someday, right?) In a world full of fun and games its nice to find an app that supports  building moral character and not just finger flying coordination. SON of the SUN and WIZARD LIZARD is able to combine a little bit of both in a fully animated ebook.

Father Sun has raised a wonderful bunch of sunbeam who are ready to go out on their own and explore the universe.  One of them, Son of the Sun, decided to travel to the planet earth. Of all the beautiful places to go he chose to visit the North Pole first because he was curious about the cold. While he is looking for a friend he finds a cave full of  shining crystals.  Sadly he discovers that each contains a trapped creature. As he investigates further he becomes trapped himself, prisoner to the Wizard Lizard. Will he have to spend the rest of his life trapped in a crystal or can he warm the heart of his captor? The remainder of the story teaches the lessons of second chances and forgiveness.

The story is quite lengthy and follows a traditional picture book format, with one page of progressive, highlighted text followed by a page of interactive illustration.  I was very impressed by the the quality of the artwork. Layered images of cut paper allow your child to play with animals of the Arctic as they take polar plunges or have an impromptu jam session. 10 chapters are followed up with puzzle images from the story.  Current version includes four pictures with difficulty level ranging from 12 to 20 pieces.  The story is professionally narrated and the original soundtrack helps build a soothing atmosphere as you share the message with your child.

Teaching children values can be a tough job.  Thanks Kidappers for providing an environment for discussion and learning.

Disclosure: I received a free copy of the app for review purposes.

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